Yosemite Elopement

Yosemite & the Sierra Nevada...Possibly one of the most beautiful places in the world, with no shortage of awe-inspiring landscapes. And there's nothing quite like that pine and sage-scented alpine air. Then there are the granite formations, dramatic waterfalls, ethereal mountain meadows, and the Merced River meandering its way through the valley floor. (Can you tell I love Yosemite?) You would be hard pressed to not find a spark of inspiration somewhere. It certainly has inspired countless artists and photographers (including one of my faves Ansel Adams), who spent their careers returning here time and time again for its beauty and evolution throughout the seasons. So having the opportunity to combine this incredible landscape with an elopement shoot made me a happy gal. Josh+Charlotte couldn't be more adorable (and pretty dang easy on the eyes), and florals were provided by the loveliest Larisa of Bewilder. We made our way above the valley just as a storm started to form, bringing on all the moody, romantic fall vibes. An A-frame cabin just outside the park invited us back in the evening to warm up (which also induced a new obsession of mine to own an A-frame in the woods some day!) So I give you Josh+Charlotte, with an appearance by Yosemite National Park. Bring on the fall!

Danielle + Andrew - North Shore, Maui Portrait Session

One of the things I absolutely love about what I do is being allowed to shortly enter into the private universes that couples share. Those glances, words, gestures and language that exists between two people in love..who know the intricacies of their person's thoughts and what they are thinking by just a look or movement. The things that make each other laugh..the unexplainable connections that link two people into a bond. It's what drew me to this part of photography, as it's these connections that make us so wholly human; all vulnerability, flaws, energy, and all. So when I photograph couples like Danielle+Andrew, whose transcendent love was immediately apparent the second I met them, I am so grateful to get a chance to document their "world".  And these two have some magic following them around, that's for sure. It was a stormy spring day on Maui, and we skirted downpours everywhere we went. And as you can see for yourself in the images, a little rain didn't get in the way of their lovin' on each other, and resulted in some of the magical Hawaiian rainbows that appear and disappear just as quickly. The beauty of Maui's north shore, with Haleakala in the distance, lent itself to amazing scenery to shoot in. But we could have shot in an empty room with nothing in it and they would have lit the damn thing on fire. These two, they got it. So enjoy! Danielle+Andrew, with that magic love, on a rainy day on Maui.

Katie + Michael - Santa Cruz Mountains

These two...I met Katie+Michael earlier in the year for a wintery morning, cliffside engagement shoot in Davenport, CA, and after romping around the bluffs and drinking coffee at Swanton Berry Farm, I instantly fell in love with them and their bond. After witnessing their amazing connection then, I couldn't wait for their wedding in the redwoods to come. They are both cinematographers and two of the sweetest humans you will ever meet, and their wedding hinted at all the elements one would expect in the redwood forest wedding. Katie looked every bit a gorgeous fairy goddess that day, and Michael hardly could take his eyes off her the entire day. So much love, so much laughter, and then there was the dancing..and a magician and maybe some Star Wars light saber fights going down..this wedding was one for the books! Congrats Katie+Michael!

Nicole + Ryan - Crested Butte, CO- 7.22.17

Where do I begin..This wedding was one for the books. The day had me in tears more than once; from laughter, joy, and from the pure love that Nicole and Ryan clearly had for one another. I was lucky enough to shoot for Amelia Ann Photography on this day, and it was my first time visiting heaven on earth, aka Crested Butte, Colorado. The hills were alive with (the sound of music, jk) wildflowers, wildflowers, and more wildflowers, and my jaw dropped around every mountain pass as stunning scenery continued to unfold in every direction. While Nicole got ready in the town of Crested Butte, I headed to the campsite where Ryan was getting ready. The guys had been camping for a week, riding bikes on the famous Rocky Mountain trails. It was here that Nicole and Ryan took their first camping trip together years back, so they knew this would be the place they would get married. After a bike ride and a camp shower, Ryan and his best friend hopped on his tandem bike and rode from the campsite to the first look spot (I could barely keep up with them in the car!). When Nicole came out to meet him, her excitement was so infectious that this is when the tears began. She was the most joyous, fun, stunning bride; from frolicking with her bridesmaids in the wildflowers, to shotgunning beers on the road, to gushing about her soon-to-be husband-pure love! The happiness and love these two had for one another was palpable, and I will let the photos do the rest of the talking. Congrats to these two adventurous souls; I will always remember this incredible day!