Danielle + Andrew - North Shore, Maui Portrait Session

One of the things I absolutely love about what I do is being allowed to shortly enter into the private universes that couples share. Those glances, words, gestures and language that exists between two people in love..who know the intricacies of their person's thoughts and what they are thinking by just a look or movement. The things that make each other laugh..the unexplainable connections that link two people into a bond. It's what drew me to this part of photography, as it's these connections that make us so wholly human; all vulnerability, flaws, energy, and all. So when I photograph couples like Danielle+Andrew, whose transcendent love was immediately apparent the second I met them, I am so grateful to get a chance to document their "world".  And these two have some magic following them around, that's for sure. It was a stormy spring day on Maui, and we skirted downpours everywhere we went. And as you can see for yourself in the images, a little rain didn't get in the way of their lovin' on each other, and resulted in some of the magical Hawaiian rainbows that appear and disappear just as quickly. The beauty of Maui's north shore, with Haleakala in the distance, lent itself to amazing scenery to shoot in. But we could have shot in an empty room with nothing in it and they would have lit the damn thing on fire. These two, they got it. So enjoy! Danielle+Andrew, with that magic love, on a rainy day on Maui.